Belt Magnets for Sale

At MACA Interquip, we stock a range of used conveyor belt magnets to suit a variety of applications.

Our used belt magnets are self-cleaning or stationary, electric or permanent, reducing project downtime to a minimum. Belt magnets remove metal products in a production line, creating an incredibly powerful and durable magnetic solution that caters to all projects.

Used belt magnets are a cost-effective way to process materials through production. Belt magnets or magnetic separator belts are used for separating magnetic materials from the base product being conveyed. Ferrous metals are removed during the product processing process and removed using the magnet separator. MACA Interquip belt magnets for sale are suitable to use in various mining productions. 

To find out more about our range of self-cleaning belt magnets for sale, contact our team at MACA Interquip today on (08) 6258 7400.