Investing in our People

Ongoing training and development of our people is essential at MACA Interquip. We take an active role in developing our people for the future of our business.

Learning and development initiatives at MACA Interquip are designed to:

  • Encourage the achievement of Vision and Strategic Plan.
  • Develop a high-performance culture which promotes continuous improvement and innovation in the workplace.
  • Support succession planning and growing our own people.
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills across our people, projects and regions.
  • Ensure legislative training requirements are met.

We offer a range of Learning and Development programs, including:

  • The MACA Interquip Way (Vision, Values, Brand)
  • Management and Supervisory Skills Development Program.
  • Emerging Leaders Development Program.
  • Workplace Traineeship (Corporate, Mining, Civil, Infrastructure, Processing).
  • Engineering Graduate Program.
  • Engineering Vacation Work.
  • Indigenous Traineeship.
  • Apprenticeships.

"Working with MACA through university prepares students well for the challenges they'll face once they start full time in the industry. It's program provides beneficial hands on experience in all aspects of contract mining and paves the way towards a long fulfilling career."

(Ben Cooper, WASM 2009)

"If you want to get ahead of the rest, a MACA scholarship gives you the tools and platform to do so. From both an academic and practical work experience aspect, this is the best way to make your vacation work count towards your career goals."

(Ewan Koh, WASM 2011)

"The MACA graduate program provides a valuable combination of practical mining experience to complement technical background. Exposure to varied minerals and a fast paced work environment provide the skills necessary for a fulfilling career in mining."

(Jak Kuser, WASM 2015)