Modular Conveyor System Supply & Installation

Supplied and installed to order.

Because our systems are modular, with standardised components and accessories, we can supply and install tailored, turnkey conveyor systems to suit your specific horizontal or stacker requirements. It’s a highly efficient solution.

By standardising mechanical parts, drive modules and components, we have reduced the cost of design, fabrication and maintaining and transporting stock. This minimises installation times too.

Everything you need, installed quickly.

Our galvanised, Category-D cyclone-rated conveyor systems are fabricated to perform, month in, month out, even in the harshest environments. While they’re built for longevity, they’re also designed so your custom configured system can be transported from our storage hub in Maddington and installed fast.

The result? Short lead times and a long, trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

Easily installed, adapted and relocated.

We designed and engineered our conveyor solution from the ground up so that our systems can be stored, transported and installed without delay. No welding. No construction delays.

Our innovative system makes adapting and relocating an installed system just as straightforward. Everything simply bolts together.

Equipped and ready to go.

We own our equipment and keep stock always. We’re ready and able to deliver whatever system and structure you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our always-stocked commitment, combined with our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, means we can customise every detail of your conveyor system, right down to:

  • Covers and guards
  • Service catwalks
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Skirt plates and chutes
  • Impact beds
  • Idler roller frames.

Your end-to-end solution.

We have our own workshop, manufacturing and storage facilities. We also have proven design, engineering, transportation and installation capabilities, all in-house.

This means you can call on us for a complete end-to-end solution, including providing maintenance and parts, right through to relocating, adapting or decommissioning your modular system.