CIL and Cyanide Storage Tanks

Tank Build and Installation

At MACA Interquip we innovate solutions to operational problems.

One of our solutions is the development of a methodology to build large tanks on site to reduce both schedule time and risk. With our method the requirement for scaffold can be removed and risks of working at heights eliminated. We are also able to fabricate tank builds off the footings. This allows the installation of the footings and tank to occur concurrently where necessary.

Tank Builds

MACA Interquip has two automated welding systems to assist in decreasing welding times and eliminating human error.

These are just some of the ways schedule and risk is reduced while maintaining quality.

All MACA Interquip tanks are built to the relevant standards for the substance they’re being utilised for. For the gold industry, CIL tanks and cyanide storage tanks are built to API650.